Monday, 9 November 2009

More photos! Hoorah!

Above: Lydia and Issac proudly showing off their Guy Fawkes Banana Doll. Shame we had to burn him later.

Below: Soaking wet on the steps of the music shop after a crazy wet boda ride ... you can see my skirt is stuck to my legs and there are only a few dry spots on the right hand side of my t-shirt (your right, not mine) ...

One of the school's new Fiddles ...

The Guy starting to burn .....

The kids watching Guy Fawkes burn ... David looks slightly bemused by the whole thing

Lydia dancing around the 'bonfire' while Winnie squeals with excitement

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  1. Lovely to see your photos and to read your latest update! :-)

    Do you have any means of making the photos smaller before you upload them? Because your camera will take pictures with a massive file size and I am pretty sure you've just got a 'dial up' connection (this is a fraction of the speed which you would normally have on broadband at home). If you shrink them down locally before uploading it should help(try reducing the physical dimensions as well as the picture quality). You could also try setting your camera to a take a smaller size of picture initially which would help the old computers to process them faster. Then you could change the setting back to a bigger, better size of pics for taking home. Lu xx