Monday, 16 November 2009

In no particular order ... more piccy pics!

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John peeping at me from the outside of the 'restaurant' in Bujagali where Jitka and I took the kids after church. This one is going on my wall, along with the one of Danny & the bicycle bell ...

Vincent's attempt to make his mud-hut home, well, more 'homely' with a curtain at the window. So sweet.

With some of our kids from P6 at the '10 year anniversary' Soft Power event held a couple of weeks ago. They sat in the blazing sun for hours waiting their turn without so much as a wriggle. I can't imagine English kids ever being quite so well behaved ...

'The Bujagali Chapati Company' ... yes, really :-p

At the campsite again. This time, Jess and I snuck all the way through to the back past the "Strictly Residents Only" sign (tee hee) where the 'posh' accommodation is. There was no one occupying this 'room' so I thought I'd strike a quick pose on the porch, ha! The uninterrupted view from here is just incredible - I will post pics of it in full when I get back to the UK.

The outside bar at the campsite - gorgeous sunsets over the Nile from here ... I will miss sitting here

Enjoying the free wine at the Soft Power party *hic*

Mopping the floors, before starting on the walls (this was before I bought the mop & bucket). Talk about hard work!

Goofy Charlie ...

Sweetie Pie Lydia ...

Oldest dated photos showing the shoe/clothing donations at the school to follow asap - plus more recent events such as our day at the swimming pool! Had planned to do it today but keep getting 'Bad Request' message whenever I select those particular photos ....... Stay tuned ...... xxx

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