Monday, 9 November 2009

Beginning to hate photos ...

Aaagghhh! I have tried and tried and TRIED to upload photos today but it takes over an hour to put them on this ancient, clapped out, gonna-be-the-death-of-me computer, and then over another hour to upload them to the Blog - crashing any number of times during the process. I have managed to upload THREE photos during this time. I am screaming on the inside! And to top it all off, the power has just gone in Jinja. So now we are on the generator and I can't upload photos when it's like this - not enough power. Gutted. Better ones will follow, I promise. If you know me personally, you will know that I am taking photos like a person possessed. To date, I have taken over 900, plus some videos. Everything is just so beautiful or amazing to me here - I can't resist clicking. Anyhoo, time for me to depart this sweltering internet "cafe" and grab a boda home ...

Introducing ...... the super cute Danny (age 4)

and ..... 'Princess Winnie' (age 8, but looks 6)

Me with Danny and Winnie goofing around in my room

Sorry but that really is all folks! I will try AGAIN during the week! xxx


  1. What gorgeous children!! (and I'm surprised it's ONLY 900 photos so far! That's normal of a night out for you! Hehe) xx

  2. I am becoming addicted to your blog Neffy - I cannot get enough of it. Even O.G is reading it now!!!! xx

  3. These pics made me cry-beautiful photos. xx