Saturday, 31 October 2009

Photos: My African Home

Here are a few pics of where I am living - I will post some family pics very soon, maybe tomorrow :-)

Below: Our beautiful compound taken from the side view. To the left is the main house where the family live (9 of them); to the right is the volunteer block which consists of 6 bedrooms. Directly ahead is the kitchen which is made from poles, mud and grass. Behind where I took the photograph from is a large garden where they grow crops.

Below: This is my room. Behind where I took the photograph from there is a bookshelf where I keep my clothes. To the left is a small side table and mirror. It is basic but clean & cute.

Below: This is our toilet which is to the rear of the volunteer block. The door with the flap is the side for volunteers. The family use the other one. You have to cough or whistle when you are approaching the latrines from the house as I am always worried about catching one of the family out (so far, I have surprised Moses and also one of his aunts! Ooops!)

The inside of the latrine ...... just a hole. Not much else :-) Bats fly around in here at night so you need nerves of steel after about 7:15pm ...

Below: These are our showers. Someone puts a washing bowl and jug in there for you when you wish to bathe, and you then fasten the metal door shut by positioning a nail at the top. There are locks on the doors but I'm not sure why as there is no hole for them to lock into, ha!

Pics of me at the school, of the Owino family and 'life in Uganda' coming soon ..... !!


  1. It looks beautiful, steph! Thanks for showing us pictures. Louisa x

  2. wow- seeing these pics makes everything so much more real! Gulp!! How basic- this really does go to show us in the western world just how lucky we are! Keep up the great work- your Blog makes for very humbling reading and I am loving having my eyes well and truly opened!!