Sunday, 27 September 2009


I have refrained from looking up "jiggers" on the internet as from what I've learned so far, a jigger is a flea-like bug which lives in the dirt in Africa, burrows up underneath your toenail and then proceeds to rot your foot. That's kind of all I needed to know really *gulp* and is also the reason why I have been asking you to donate your children's unwanted shoes so that I can take them over with me for the kids.

But last night, my ever inquisitive son reasoned that it is far better to be fully informed about these things and researched "jiggers" on Google Images. Suffice to say, he has now convinced me to sleep with my feet in a bucket of diluted Dettol and never ever walk bare foot during my trip to Uganda.

If you would like to see the real effect of a jigger once it has claimed your foot as its own, follow this link:

And please, keep sending me those shoes for the children!!

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