Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cured of my magazine addiction!

I had all of my injections today (except for Yellow Fever which is booked for the 29th) so I'm almost set. I'm going to type this quickly as my arms are becoming quite sore.

I have had a few more emails from the Centre in Uganda, telling me what to expect and the current conditions for the children. It has been explained to me that although they are entering the wet season now and food will be plentiful (well, green bananas - known as 'matoke' - and maize anyway), whether they have enough money to purchase it is something else. And when they tell me that approximately £300 will buy 400 kgs of maize and 250 kgs of beans (enough to feed the 200+ children for months), it makes me sad at how much money I waste on a weekly basis.

I can already feel my thought process changing and I'm not even there yet. I found myself standing in a newsagent yesterday flicking through the magazines but not actually purchasing them as I was suddenly quite horrified that I used to spend £10+ per week on "trash mags". Who gives a crap what Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears are doing this week or how many nightclubs they have drunkenly fallen out of? And why oh why do I feel the need to pay over £1.50 per magazine to know this?! Ridiculous.

Well, I am leaving for France tomorrow to spend some time with one of my best friends, C. Life has been so busy for both of us that we have not been able to meet up in about 6 years or so. In that time, she has settled herself in France and had two beautiful children. I myself have been married, bought and lost a house (boo hoo), and seen my teenage son start college. A lot of time has passed and a lot of catching up needs to be done - preferably over some local wine. One last week of indulgence before heading off to Uganda to squat over a hole (which I will have to find by torchlight).

Back next week!

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